Footballing Tours

Lanzarote is part of Spain, so there is a strong passion for the game in the country which boasts being both European and World champions. The infra- structure of football is extensive, with each town having its own stadium, high quality coaching, enormous participation, including numerous youth teams backed by local government funding.



Lanzarote FootballThe Spanish Football Federation discovered that small-sided versions of football, such as 7-a-side and futsal (5-a-side), with more ball-contact and involvement in the game, are key to developing players passing ability, quick thinking and decision-making, ball skills, confidence on the ball and all-round balance and control, all of which is shown by their top professional teams and national side. We, therefore, welcome teams who wish to play matches, or choose to learn from our English and Spanish coaching staff and former players to improve your performance.

S.E.T.T.O. has for many years, been organising football coaching, tournaments, tours in all versions of the game, from 6 years old juniors, under 10’s, under 12’s, under 14’s, under 16’s, under 18’s,  adults and veterans with male/female teams at various ability-levels.

We are therefore very confident that we can organise a tailor-made football itinerary designed specifically for your team(s) requirements, when coming over to the sunny island of Lanzarote.

Recent comments from touring sides


boom“Mike and Jack at S.E.T.T.O organised a great 18 day Euro-tour in June 2012, including matches in London, Barcelona and on the fabulous island of Lanzarote, where we were treated so well, played some challenging matches and set up a real connection between their futsal clubs and ours for future player exchange projects and coaching work. The overall tour, its organisation, the fun away from the games, and the integration between staff and the teams were all first class. We will be back for sure !”

Kristian Collins, Head Coach, Billabong futsal Club, Canberra, Australia